Malik D'Arcy

From a rich family Malik was constanly pressured by his parents to strive for perfection.


Starting at The Academy a week late, (due to family bussiness) Malik joined with his friend Deonte Quinn and assosiates Vasiliy Makarov and Content Not Found: ranolvir-godius. He came to the The Academy and was thrown in the deep end when he found out about the drama involving The incident and a Physical Education teacher who beated up a student.

Malik has a constant need to learn, to find knowledge. Looking back to the previous year when Deonte and Malik found the secret tomb that would unlock their magical potential, it comes to no surprise at all than he jumped at the opportunity.


Malik is the son of a wealth bussinessman. He was raised with certian standards and expectations to uphold, that drove Malik to constantly strive for perfection. As a result he always believe he can obtain it, never backing down, no challange to difficult.

Malik D'Arcy

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