The Academy

The Academy has no other name, for it needs no other name. As a beacon of educational achievement on an international scale, recognized worldwide as an institution of unparalleled quality across all areas of education the school’s grades are recognized by any university on the planet, and graduates are often headhunted by top tier universities hoping to snap up the best and brightest the world has to offer.

The Academy’s campus is the center of a reasonably sized town located in rural Switzerland, and is the center of an entire community dedicated to academic mastery. The Academy has a University campus located on site, but The University has extremely strict set of entry criteria, and is exclusively by invitation only.

Each year the eldest class of students is combed over for potential candidates for the Freya Project, a project dedicated to advancing the best and brightest to the absolute heights of their potential.


The Academy is home to a number of state of the art structures designed to help students achieve their potential, but all of them can be divided into three main blocks.

The Academic Wing

The Academic wing is home to the vast majority of teaching classrooms, hosting all subjects that do not require physical components. This is also the structure that holds the Library Wing.

The Physical Wing

The Physical Wing holds a number of gymnasiums and other facilities necessary for different sporting activities, in addition to extensive fields and tracks for everything from equestrian activities to cricket.

The Administration Wing

The administration wing holds most teacher offices, the dean and headmasters offices, as well as the main ballroom and other facilities for meetings and negotiations.

The Academy

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