Deonte Quinn

Charming and attractive, Deonte is not only the face of the cabal, but also a sportsman par excellence.



Physical: 3
Social: 3
Mental: 2

Notable Abilities

Alertness 2, Athletics 3, Brawl 2, Dodge 2, Expression 1, Instruction 1, Intuition 2, Animal Ken 2, Hypnotism 1, Meditation 2, Melee 1, Performance 1, English 3, Mathematics 2, Occult 3, Science 2


Fascination 1, Healing 1, Shapeshifting 3.


Fascination: Single 2 carat moissanite stud earring. 16th birthday present from parents. Unique focus.
Healing: Bag of mixed small crystals from various locations around the world. Collected when on holiday with parents. Unique focus.
Shapeshifting: Shark tooth on a leather thong. Found on a surfing holiday in Australia.


The only son of two top MI6 agents an investment banker and a photographer, Deonte is a widely-travelled young man. He is attending The Academy on a sports scholarship, and currently plays left winger in the school’s nationally-ranked soccer team.
He is a dedicated (if not particularly brilliant) student with a fondness for English, but he does not consider himself truly alive unless he is moving and active, which often makes studying difficult. He would much rather be outside organising a game of touch rugby. However, this is somewhat counterbalanced by his powerful curiosity; if he finds something interesting, he will not rest until he understands it.
He is extremely fond of animals, and can sometimes be found chatting to them in secluded parts of the school grounds. If challenged, he will grin sheepishly and mumble something about ‘too many Disney movies’.

His best friend is Malik D’Arcy. The two complement each other well; Malik makes sure Deonte doesn’t fail Science, and Deonte makes sure Malik doesn’t forget to eat when he’s been in a book all day. Together, they (along with two others; Vasiliy Makarov and Renolver Godius) discovered a cache of tomes in the school library, and thus discovered the powers of Sorcery. The four are now a Cabal, assisting each other in learning the secrets contained within these tomes, and are attempting to balance schoolwork with magic practice.
Deonte thinks this whole ‘magic’ thing is pretty damn cool, but would rather rely on his personal strengths if push came to shove.

Deonte Quinn

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